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Rupert (summer teaser) Rupert (summer teaser)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Hey! I think this is pretty rad. For some reason I instantly imagined this as the background music for a scrolling video game. When that new instrument comes in around :35, I found that tonal dissonance engaging (it feels like different keys for the two parts). Interested to hear the full version. I wonder if there is ever a tempo change? This might sound cool with a faster beat. Keep up the good work! -- K.C.

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Peagy responds:

Thank you very much for the review:)
I don't think that a fast tempo/beat would benefit to this song, but rather a change in momentum. The tonal dissonance you are talking about might occur because I don't play the same keys at the same time for both the guitar-banjo since they don't have the same "role" in the song. The banjo is more leading than the echoed guitar hence it has a more intricate note variation and is played at a faster pace. But thank you for your advice, I will take it into account when I work on finishing the song :)

JazzStep 1 JazzStep 1

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Really enjoyed this. It was different, and that's good. I'd actually only ask for more Sax. It makes sense that it not be forward the whole time, but it could still be present, in the background from :20-:37. I don't really dabble in electronic, but could there even be a way to just make the Sax riffs themselves wobble? Cool experiment!

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sorohanro responds:

Thanks for the idea and for the review.
I guess I could slice the sax part, run through an auto-wah and put a delay on top...